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So reinigen Sie TPE-Puppen

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1 Warum muss ich meine Sexpuppe reinigen?
2 Wie reinige ich meine Puppe?
3 Waschen Sie Ihre TPE Real Doll
4 Reinigen der Puppe Gesicht und Haar
5 Washing Your Doll’s Body
6 Wasch- und Pflegematerialien
7 Genauere Tipps und Tricks zur Reinigung Ihrer TPE Sexpuppe
8 Ab- und Anziehen Ihrer Puppe
9 Es gibt viele Möglichkeiten, Ihre Puppe sauber zu halten.

Warum muss ich meine Sexpuppe reinigen?

You should clean your doll for a number of reasons. The primary reason is to keep it looking and smelling fresh and keep it in good condition. If you don’t clean your sex doll, the chemicals from bodily fluids can seep into the material and cause damage over time. This can even make her feel sticky, which can affect both how she feels during use and how much pleasure you receive while using her (less pleasure = less fun).

Another reason is safety—you want to avoid getting an infection! This is especially important if you share your tpe doll with other people, but even if you keep her all to yourself, being safe should still be a priority since introducing bacteria into an orifice could lead to an infection or other medical problems like yeast infections that aren’t anything anyone wants on their birthday!

Finally, cleaning will help keep your doll feeling soft and supple so that she’s always ready for action no matter what time of year it may be or what type of mood you’re in!

Wie reinige ich meine Puppe?

  • Wie reinige ich meine Puppe?
  • Verwenden Sie eine feuchte Küchenrolle, um den Schmutz von der Puppe zu entfernen. Zuerst die Rolle mit warmem Wasser anfeuchten und dann über die Kleidung des TPE-Puppenschwanzes rubbeln.
  • Um den Rücken der Puppe zu säubern, nehmen Sie einen Schwamm und tauchen ihn in Seifenlauge und warmes Wasser ein; danach wischen Sie den Schmutz mit dem Schwamm ab oder geben etwas Seifenlauge auf die Handfläche und drücken diese fest auf die Stellen, wo der Schmutz ist (bitte nicht in das Gesicht des TPE-Puppenschwanzes). Danach können Sie den Rücken vorsichtig waschen; wenn das nicht reicht, kannst du die Seifenschaummaske verwenden um alle Körperteile zu reinigen.

Waschen Sie Ihre TPE Real Doll

There are a few things to keep in mind when washing your TPE doll:

  • Use mild soap and warm water. Using a mild soap or baby shampoo is best for cleaning your TPE doll because it won’t damage the material and will help maintain the doll’s softness.
  • Use a soft cloth or sponge for washing. You want to use something that won’t scratch or damage the surface of your doll, so avoid using sponges with rough edges (like loofahs) and brushes made of nylon or plastic bristles; they’ll scratch up both you and your Real Dolls! Instead, opt for microfiber towels like these ones by Ecoya – they’re super gentle on bare skin while still allowing you enough movement to thoroughly clean every inch of our beloved partner!

Reinigen der Puppe Gesicht und Haar

After you have removed the body and head, you can continue with the face cleaning. Use a damp cloth to clean the face and hair. Use a soft toothbrush to clean the eyes, but be sure not to put too much pressure on them as this could break them off. To clean around the mouth and chin area, use a soft cloth and warm water.

Washing Your Doll’s Body

  • Use a mild soap or detergent that rinses completely, such as mild baby shampoo or Ivory Snow® soap flakes. Do not use harsh chemicals such as fabric softeners, bleach, alcohol or rubbing alcohol because they can damage the material of your doll and cause it to become sticky over time.
  • Fill up a tub with warm water (not hot) and add 1-2 tablespoons of mild soap or detergent per quart of water used in cleaning your doll’s body. Soak her in this solution for 5 minutes before gently washing her with a soft cloth and warm water; avoid scrubbing too vigorously because this may cause scratches on her skin surface! Rinse thoroughly with clean water until all traces of soap are gone from her body surface then squeeze out excess moisture from her hair using an old towel before setting her aside on another clean towel until she is completely dry again before putting clothes back on again.“

Wasch- und Pflegematerialien

  • Waschlotion
  • Waschmittel
  • Körperpflegeprodukte
  • Körperöl
  • Körpercreme
  • Hautpflegeprodukte
  • Hautwasser, Anti-Aging Produkte

Genauere Tipps und Tricks zur Reinigung Ihrer TPE Sexpuppe

  • Wash your doll’s face and hair with a mild soap.
  • Clean the rest of the doll’s body using a mild soap.
  • Clean the doll’s genitals with a mild soap, too.
  • Don’t use any abrasive materials on the doll’s body; if you do, you could damage its TPE material.

Also don’t use any alcohol or other chemicals when cleaning your sex toy; these substances may be damaging to its TPE material as well (the same goes for fragrances).

Ab- und Anziehen Ihrer Puppe

Wie oft sollte ich meine Puppe anziehen?

Dies ist eine sehr persönliche Entscheidung. Wenn Sie viel Zeit mit Ihrer Puppe verbringen, kann es sinnvoll sein, sie oft abzuziehen und zu waschen. Wenn Sie jedoch nur gelegentlich damit spielen oder die Puppe nur tragen wollen, müssen Sie Ihre Routine entsprechend festlegen. Die empfohlene Anzahl der Anziehungen pro Tag liegt bei drei bis fünf Mal – je nachdem wie oft und lange Sie mit ihr interagieren wollen. In jedem Fall sollten Sie in regelmäßigen Abständen die TPE-Puppe reinigen.

Es gibt viele Möglichkeiten, Ihre Puppe sauber zu halten.

Now that you’ve learned how to clean your doll’s body, let’s move on to cleaning its face and hair.

  • Cleaning the face is easy: all you have to do is use a soft cloth or cotton pad with mild soap or detergent (you can also use a gentle baby shampoo). This will get rid of any dirt that has accumulated around the eyes, mouth, and nostrils.
  • If the doll’s hair has gotten dirty because it was outside for too long or has been playing with another toy that was dirty—that’s okay! You can just wash it as well during this step. Just make sure you rinse it thoroughly so there aren’t any leftover suds in there that could damage the material later on.